“OK, I’m new. Tell me more…”

A lot takes place during a typical week at Summer In the Son. We get a fair number of good questions, and we thought we would pass along some of those responses to help give you a thumbnail sketch of all things SITS. Of course, this list may not answer YOUR particular questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

What exactly is Summer In The Son?

There are 2 power-packed weeks of SITS for the summer of 2019. Week one is designed for High School students, and week two is for Junior High and High School students. SITS begins Sunday evening and wraps up Friday morning. There are main sessions with high energy worship and great speakers, concerts and special events each evening, and some great youth group times built into the fabric of each day.

What does a typical day look like?

Perhaps the best way to get a glimpse of that is to take a look at a typical daily schedule. It may change a bit as the planning goes forward, but that is essentially the look of each day.

How does it compare to other conferences or camps?

One of the phrases we use from time to time is “Where Camp meets Conference.” Unique to the Summer in the Son experience are some of the elements of other large conferences (large group worship with “big” sound & production, national talent on the stage, etc) that can blend with elements of the smaller camp environment (intimate group times, dormitory housing, opportunities for afternoon service or recreation). We’re a big fan of all those other options, and feel that blending the two make Summer in the Son an experience unlike any other!

How do meals work?

All meals are hosted in the KCU cafeteria located in the Lusby Center, which is the main hub on the KCU campus. The entrance to the cafeteria is located to the left from the bottom floor lobby. Each person will need their lanyard to enter (you get those at registration) and each person must enter from the Lusby lobby for accurate counting. The schedule is designed so that all meals can take place indoors in the air conditioning instead of outside under the tent.

I have students with specific dietary needs. Are they accommodated?

Absolutely. We simply ask that you let us know PRIOR to arriving to your week. We will put you, or in most cases the parent of the student, in direct contact with our food service director. From there arrangements can be made to make sure your students specific needs are met.

Is it all about “big group” activities?

Not at all. Yes, we’re together twice a day for worship and once in the evenings for the concerts and activities. But sprinkled throughout the day are opportunities for both small group interaction and individual devotions. Encounter time is designed for personal devotion for your students. They are encouraged to do this as individuals and to spread out across campus to find some personal space. Devotions will be printed in the guidebook that each person will receive at registration. Perhaps the time of the day that is most talked about is the evening group times. You and your group will have ample time to just be by yourselves. Lots of great things happen during this time as the week progresses.

Is there a mission project or activity? Will an offering be collected?

Yes! We will collect an offering during the week to go toward our mission project. We are currently designing exactly what that will look like, but we plan to have opportunity for you and your students to put what you believe on display right here on campus. We’ll unveil all of those plans as soon as they are in place!

What can we do during free time?

We do provide a number of fun free time options on campus. We have a variety of tournaments scheduled throughout the week (see below) -Hands-on Mission Project -Dodgeball Tournament -Basketball Tournament -Volleyball Tournament -Soccer -KCU Library is open with internet access, air conditioning, etc. You are also welcome to take your group off campus. We have great state parks very close to KCU. You could go swimming, caving, or boating. There are also movie theaters and malls located closely to Grayson. More details about these options will be listed in the back of your guidebooks when you register.

What do I need to know about main sessions?

The main sessions occur in the gymnasium which is located through the main lobby of the Lusby center. The time listed for main sessions on the schedule refers to the doors opening, not the start time. Your group will be given a color code at registration that will be on the lanyard for every participant in your group. Upon entering the main session, watch for where your color code is sitting for that day. This will rotate through the week giving each group a chance to sit everywhere in the room.

Who are the speakers, worship leaders & artists?

We take great pride in finding the best communicators around to spend the week with us at Summer InThe Son. We are very happy with the lineup of guests for 2019, and feel these folks will be perfect to help us develop our theme and connect with your students. As we solidify the guests, they  are listed on our On Stage page, and many have links and videos that you can check for yourself!

What is group time?

We consider group time to be the most pivotal moments in the week. As you leave the evening sessions you will be given time to spend with your group and digest the day. This is where real growth occurs within your group. We will supply you with a group leader’s guide to assist you with this time. Feel free to use as much or little of this guide as you would like. You know your group the best. Please approach this time with sincerity and be mindful of the groups around you if you finish early.

What do I do with a student in my group who wants to make a decision?

We encourage most of the decisions that happen during SITS to take place in your group time. We find it to be a beautiful thing when life changing decisions are made in the company of those they know the most. We will help direct in these times during our main sessions. If you have a student who wishes to be baptized, they may do so in our baptistery at the foot of the large stone cross on campus. This cross is located next to Lusby Center and on the hill. It is well lit at night and hard to miss. You can use the baptistery at any time.

Will my group have an assigned meeting spot?

When you register you will be given a group time location. Please let us know if you need help locating your group destination. We try to offer an indoor location for every group, but you are certainly not locked into that room and free to go outside under a tree, etc.

What about the evening activities?

While the evening activities are certainly optional, we have worked very hard to bring bands and talent to SITS that you and your students will want to experience. So please encourage your group to be committed to the event and to limit the traffic in and out of the room. The evening activities are great events featuring great talent and people with something to share. We hope you and your group enjoy each night’s activity.

What is my role in the dorm?

We want your group to have a great time while in the dorm. We don’t expect things to be completely silent at curfew. We do ask that you be mindful of the groups that are around you. Some groups may want to go to sleep earlier. We rely on you to lead your kids in those moments. We also ask that your group respect the dorms you are in. This includes picking up your trash and treating the bathrooms properly, and encouraging your students to do likewise. We will have our SITS staff scattered throughout the dorms, and emergency contact numbers will be printed on the sign on your door in case there is a need for that.

Is there a curfew?

Campus security will begin locking down campus and returning all students to the dorm once the lights out time has passed, which is 12:30 for the High School week and 12:00 for Junior High. We want to you’re your students safe while on campus and to deter inappropriate behavior. Once curfew passes your swipe cards will not work to get you into the dorms. You will need the SITS staff or security to let you in. Campus security will begin locking down campus and returning all students to the dorm once the lights out time has passed, which is 12:30 for the High School week and 12:00 for Junior High. We want to you’re your students safe while on campus and to deter inappropriate behavior. Once curfew passes your swipe cards will not work to get you into the dorms. You will need the SITS staff or security to let you in.

How do I register?

We have made great strides to make it as easy as possible to register your group. The instructions for registering either online or through the mail can be found on the Registration Lowdown page. As always, if there are questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I need to return some spots I can't fill.

 Spots can be returned at no charge to you before May 24, 2019. If you communicate the returning of the spots by then, you will get a refund of your deposits. On May 25, 2019 you will not get a refund on the deposit on those spots.