Hey Group Leader,

First things first. Thanks for bringing your group to SITS. We believe God has big things happening behind the scenes in your kids’ lives. We’ve been praying for them and for you. God has been preparing your group for this week, and it will be time well invested together.

The pages you’re holding are created to help guide you as you lead your group through two very intentional, important times you’ll spend together each day. One is your afternoon Encounter time. The other is your evening group time. The purpose of both of these environments is for your group to continue the conversations that are started in the morning and evening sessions.

Each page contains some notes, thoughts, and sample questions or discussion starters for you to use to get things going and steer the conversation in a good direction. A few important things for you to know:

1. You don’t have to use this guide as it is (or at all)! You know your group. Take this thing, adapt it, mold it, or toss it. The most important thing to us is that your time with your group serves your purpose as you serve God’s purpose.

2. This is just a starter guide for you. The idea is that you use this guide to get things rolling, and let your students lead and steer your direction a bit. We’re going to ask some big questions and unpack some important truth this week. They will wonder about things, or push back on things. Go with that! Don’t shut down positive, healthy conversation in order to stick to this guide.

3. The notes for the afternoon Encounter time are meant to help you set the table for your students’ personal devo time. They will prepare them for what they will read and pray through, using their SITS booklet as their guide. It would be a good idea for you to read those devos before your afternoon time together so you know where to point them and how to set them up well.

Thank you for your investment in your students. We believe in you, we’re praying for you, and we are so grateful for your heart for Jesus and for pointing teenagers to Him!

– The SITS Team


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Monday Leader Guide


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Tuesday Leader Guide


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Wednesday Leader Guide


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Thursday Leader Guide